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Childhood Asthma is one of the common serious disease in children

Childhood Asthma: Childhood Asthma is one of the common serious diseases in children. Mainly allergies are responsible behind it. Besides, cold air, pollution, playing, or exercising are responsible too. The main symptom of Asthma in children is "chough" that doesn’t go away. Others are chest tightness or pain, a whistly sound while sleeping or breathing in or out, troubling...

Diarrhea is a condition in which waste matter

Chronic diarrhea: Diarrhea is a condition in which waste matter is discharged from the bowels repeatedly and in a liquid form. But when someone lives with diarrhea that persists for more than 2-4weeks, it’s called Chronic Diarrhea. In that case, those people who have a weakened immune system, Chronic Diarrhea may be a life-threatening illness. Treatment of Chronic Diarrhea...

Acidity is also known as acid reflux

Acidity: Acidity is also known as acid reflux. It's a very common disease of all over the world. This disease is individualized by heartburn in the lower chest area. It may creat many complications such as gastric ulcers, cancer,difficulty in swallowing, excessive vomiting etc. We know that gastric glands in the stomach produce HCl acid to digest food and...

Though anxiety is a normal reaction to stress

Anxiety Disorders: Though anxiety is a normal reaction to stress but anxiety disorders are the most common diseases. Here,anxiety is a worry about future concern . Anxiety Disorders mostly depend on one's lifestyle. Besides, heart disease, trauma, personality, rare tumors, taking alcohol or drugs, taking anti-anxiety medications are also responsible for Anxiety disorders. Anxiety Disorders have many classification. There...

Acne is a distressful skin condition among teenagers

Acne is a distressful skin condition among teenagers, though it can also attack the people of all ages! Acne isn't a life-threatening disease. When it's severe, it will be painful. It can also responsible for emotional indigence. It makes some symptoms like blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples on almost anywhere of the body especially the face, neck, upper arms, forehead,...
Alema Dr. Farhana Islam
"Takiya Homeo Care" is an online based platform where services are provided basically for Women and Children. I'm Dr Alema Farhana Islam. I'm graduated from- We know that actually many women feel embarrassed to tell their personal problems like as irregular period and sexual problems etc with a male doctor. Then they become exhausted and the don't understand what should they do.They are looking for a trustable female doctor with whom they can share everything without any hesitation. Even I've seen that many mummies post their problems, baby's problems etc in several facebook group to get advice. Though they can get some advice from other members of group. But I think these aren't appropriate at all. Cause Doctor's advice is more preferable than others! Doctor can also prescribe for different patients for different disease. Nowadays Homeopathy is devided into different theories. It's very tough to find a classical homeopathic doctor. Cause majority percent of homeopathic doctor use many medicine at once or prescribe mix medicine for several disease at a time. As a result, many patients get relieve and many have complications. So they think that homeopathy does not work properly! And they lose confidence on homeopathy. But I prescribe only one medicine for a particular disease and it’s called calssical homeopathy treatment. In classical homeopathy treatment, there is no risk of complications. In the age of Internet, all kinds of services have reached your doorstep! You can also share your health problems with "Takiya Homeo Care ". I assured that you will get best health service from my " Takiya Homeo Care " Insha-Allah. Let's spread Wellness at Everywhere!

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