About Me

Takiya Homeo Care is not only an organisation, it’s our dream. We saw many women are confused about where they get better advice for her health problem. Many mothers post their babies’ injured picture so that she can get help from others. They post group to group to get help.though people advise them but a doctors advice is more preferable rather than a common person. Because the doctor also prescribes for that particular patient. And I also see women can’t easily prescribe their personal problem to a male doc. They find a female doc where she can describe their personal disease as like irregular periods, sexual inability, etc.

owadays homeopathy has divided many theory.but classical homeopathic dr is difficult to find out now a days.i saw doctors use many medicines or mix medicine or patent medicine for several types of disease. But homeopathy organon did not allow that. homeopathy organon said,however a patient came to u several disease but u hv to prescribe only one medicine and that’s called classical treatment. But it’s difficult to prescribe one medicine for one patient.so that dr prescribed 2 /3 or more drugs at a time.and then some patients got relieved(for some times)and some patients didn’t. So that they said  Homeopathy didn’t work.

And that’s why i want to treat patient by classical way.and want to treat women and children who aren’t easy to describe their problems with male dr.and now a days everyone use internet but proper treatment isn’t available their area.i want to reach those people whose ar finding for them good treatment from Their own home. That’s all.