Childhood Asthma is one of the common serious disease in children

Boy using an asthma inhaler in the park

Childhood Asthma: Childhood Asthma is one of the common serious diseases in children. Mainly allergies are responsible behind it. Besides, cold air, pollution, playing, or exercising are responsible too. The main symptom of Asthma in children is “chough” that doesn’t go away. Others are chest tightness or pain, a whistly sound while sleeping or breathing in or out, troubling sleep, etc. Removing Asthma isn’t quite possible. Just it can be controlled by taking proper treatment. In uncontrolled asthma, the lungs can be damaged. Even, it may cause death too. To prevent childhood asthma, parents have to take steps – -Have to clean their bed and carpets. -they shouldn’t use spray. -they should help their child to keep their proper weight. And keep distance their child from all kinds of smoke.


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