When your lungs’s airways are filled with mucus


Chronic Bronchitis : When your lungs’s airways are filled with mucus, you may face a serious situation which is called chronic bronchitis. That’s why, you feel inflammation and irritations of your bronchial tubes. You may not know, these tubes are very important for your body cause they work for carrying air to and from the air sacs in lungs! There are many reasons behind it.. I think, Ciggerate smoking is number 1 reason!. Besides air pollution, welding fumes, engine exhaust, hairspray, coal,dust, secondhand smoke are also responsible for making chronic bronchitis. To diagnose it, You have to do “Mucus Test”, “Pulmonary Function Tests” and “Chest X-ray “. According to these reports, the doctor can prescribe you. If your lungs is damaged in multiple areas, maybe they suggest you to do surgery. Otherwise they prescribe you proper medicine and medication! However, For minimising the symptoms of chronic bronchitis, you have to change your life style. You must follow the rules those are given by doctor!


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