Though anxiety is a normal reaction to stress


Anxiety Disorders: Though anxiety is a normal reaction to stress but anxiety disorders are the most common diseases. Here,anxiety is a worry about future concern . Anxiety Disorders mostly depend on one’s lifestyle. Besides, heart disease, trauma, personality, rare tumors, taking alcohol or drugs, taking anti-anxiety medications are also responsible for Anxiety disorders. Anxiety Disorders have many classification. There are generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobia anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder and panic anxiety disorder. There are many symptoms of it such as restless or tensed, feeling nervous, having increased heart rate, trembling, feeling weak, trouble concentrating or thinking, having trouble sleeping, having difficulty controlling worry etc. However, if you feel above those symptoms, i think you should consult with a doctor. By taking treatment, most people can lead their normal lives. But, if you have suicidal thought, you need urgent treatment! To lessen symptoms or To prevent anxiety disorders, you must be active! And you do this work where you feel free or happy. And if you’re addicted with drug or alcohol, i say you that you must give up this habit,otherwise your anxiety level will be increased and your mental situation will be very worst. As soon as possible you should give up this habit. If you can’t give up, you have to take support from a doctor.


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